Get to Know BABY MONSTER Pharita: Wikipedia, Age, Height, and Personal Details

Digging into who Pharita from BABY MONSTER is, we see a substantial amount of very amazing material: about how she went from being a trainee at YG Entertainment in Thailand to becoming a K-pop star on the rise. What’s interesting is Pharita isn’t very tall, only standing at 157 cm–but she still manages to mesmerize her fans with a special, rare somewhat appeal.

Pharita’s Wikipedia and Career Highlights

Pharita’s journey to fame began when she was a trainee for YG Entertainment in Thailand; then, she hit the time when she made her first appearance in the music world on February 2, 2023, as the sixth person to join the K-pop band BABYMONSTER under YG Entertainment.

Next, we engage in an intriguing examination of all the spectacular material Pharita has done in her career. All this data about her winning times and major successes, as both a Thai K-pop star doing great in South Korea, and as a key part of BABYMONSTER, is posted on her Wikipedia page for anyone to see.

We hope this piece may enlighten you about Pharita and what makes her stand out. At just 17 years old in 2023, Pharita stepped into the acting scene, adding it to her impressive list of creative skills. Fans enjoy her because she looks like a doll and she is very thin, which has helped her a lot in becoming popular with teenagers.

Also, she’s not only an idol — she’s the third one from Thailand to join YG Entertainment, which is of really significant consequence in K-pop. With that big move, she’s quickly proving to be a rising star everyone’s starting to notice.

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Personal data of Pharita Chaikong

Full name: Pharita Boonpakdeethaveeyod

Date of birth: August 26, 2005

 Place of birth: Thailand

Age: 18 years

Gender: Female

Father: Na

Mother: Na

Spouse: Na

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inchesw

Weight: Na

Nationality: American

Pharita’s Age, Height, and Birth Details

At its most basic level, essentially, Pharita is a Thai K-pop star who is a member of the well-known band BABYMONSTER under YG Entertainment. She first saw the world in Thailand on August 26, 2005, and she is not very tall just about 157 cm. When she started, everybody knew her by the name Pharita Boonpakdeethaveeyod–but now, she’s known far and wide within the K-pop universe.

Pharita is only a teenager–but she’s accomplished a lot in her career already, beginning things by joining BABYMONSTER as their sixth member on February 2, 2023. She’s short, just 157 cm tall, which adds to her cute, doll-like look that kids like.

Pharita’s Personal Life and Fun Facts

Pharita, who was born on August 26, 2005, in Thailand, loves giraffes and birds and likes visiting zoos; the undertaking strived to showcase more about BABY MONSTER Pharita, revealing the deeper layers of who she is as the K-pop scene’s up-and-comer.

Pharita, even though she’s young, has essentially made it big in the music world by becoming the sixth member to join the famous K-pop group BABY MONSTER in 2023. Everybody notices her because she looks like a toy doll And she’s very thin. The concrete and clear culmination of this was when she was announced fifth in the final debut lineup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pharita’s Favorite Food or Snack?

Pharita’s favorite food or snack is not specified in the provided information. For a deeper insight into her culinary preferences, additional sources or interviews with Pharita herself may be necessary.

Does Pharita Have Any Pets?

Pharita’s pets are not publicly disclosed. Known for her role in YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER, Pharita, a Thai K-pop star, keeps details about her personal life private, focusing on her music and acting career.

What Languages Does Pharita Speak?

Pharita is known to speak multiple languages, including Thai, Korean, and English. As a South Korean-based Thai K-pop star, her linguistic abilities enable her to communicate effectively with a diverse audience and engage in international collaborations.

Does Pharita Have Any Hidden Talents?

Pharita of BABYMONSTER has not revealed any hidden talents publicly. Known for her K-pop stardom, she captivates fans with her singing, dancing, and acting skills. While her talents shine brightly, any hidden abilities remain undisclosed.

What Are Pharita’s Future Goals or Aspirations?

Pharita’s future goals or aspirations are undisclosed publicly. As a rising K-pop star with YG Entertainment, she is likely focused on honing her music and acting skills, building her career, and achieving success in the entertainment industry.

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