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Angela White Net Worth, Onlyfans, Wiki, Age, Biography, Career, Family, Affairs, Figure and Bra Size

In the A.V. entertainment industry, there are a lot of great performers. But only a few are as considerable as a boss. Angela is one of the most successful stars in A.V. Films, with a reputation for being the girl next door.

In the A.V entertainment few names shimmer as brightly as Angela White. An Australian sensation who has carved her niche in the A.V. film industry, White’s journey is a testament to resilience, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit. In this exploration we unravel the tapestry of Angela White net worth 2024 delving into its evolution, current standing, and a crystal ball gaze into its future.

Angela White Wiki

Full Name Angela White
Nick Name Angel
DOB May 4, 1985 (39 years old )
Born Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian
Angela White Networth $19 Million (2024)
Profession A.V. Actress, Director
Age 39 years old as of 2024
Religion Christian
School Central Sydney High School
University University of Melbourne
Graduation Graduate
Body measurement 42-28-36
Breast Size 34 in
Waist Size 28 in
Hip Size 36 in
Bra Size 32G
Height 5 ft 3 in
Weight 58 Kg
Relationship In a Relationship
Boyfriend Seth Gamble

How did Angela White become so famous?

Angela White had been a political candidate for the Australian A.V. Party in the Victorian state election. She fought for the rights of A.V. workers. After sending copies of A.V. DVDs to Attorney General Rob Hulls, she got the people’s attention to minimize regulations for A.V. films.

In September 2013, she appeared on the S.B.S. Australian news program “The Feed.” White and Jessa Rhodes. White named Official Trophy Girls for the 2014 XBIZ Awards. White seems in mainstream media, like in the T.V. series Pizza and The Feed.

Angela White


The biography of Angela White reads like a novel of audacity, exploration, and self-discovery. From the sunlit shores of Australia to the glitzy alleys of the A.V. film industry, White has not merely embraced but sculpted her destiny. A narrative etched in the pixels of her career, her biography is a testament to breaking norms and defying societal expectations.

Angela White Net Worth

Angela has been working in the industry since 2003. At the age of 18, she was able to upload her first scene. Angela White’s net worth is around $19 million as of 2024. With the help of her amazing looks and performances. She could become one of the most famous actresses.

Angela White Early Life and Education

Angela White was born in March 1985 in Sydney. White is a very famous Australian actress, director, and producer. Angela is the eldest in her large family. White mother was a photographer, and Angela’s father was a carpenter. 

In the early days of White’s childhood, she lived in Central Sydney until she was eight. Then, she moved to a farm in Victoria with her family and went to the Australian East Coast. She moved a third time to pursue her high school values. During her high school days, at the age of 18, she started nude modeling in 2003. 

  • 2005

White started attending college and graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2010. She Honores in First Class Gender Studies.

Angela White


Angela gained a degree in gender studies from the University of Melbourne. While living there, White researched women’s experiences in the Australian A.V. industry.

  • 2014

Angela White wished she would return to the University to finish her PhD and broaden her research by including different performers in her thesis.

  • The A.V. Performer

The Radical Potential of Pleasure in A.V. was issued by “The Routledge Companion to Media, coitus, and Lust. Angela was named Score’s Voluptuous Model of the Year during her career in 2007.

  • 2013

Angela official website, angelawhite.com, was embarked on. Angela is also best known for her work as a webcam model. With time, White was ranked on the list of most famous Directors. White was also ranked on the list of celebrities born in Australia. According to the information, Angela celebrates her birthday on March 4 every year.

Besides being a model, she appeared in five ad*lt movies for The Score Group.

Her first-ever video was uploaded in March 2011. She did this for The Score Group. Angela was also a political candidate for the Australian A.V. party in the 2010 Victorian State election. She fought for the rights of A.V. workers.

Angela White

Angela White Awards and Achievements

Award Achievements
AVN Hall of Fame 2018
AVN Hall of Fame 2019
AVN Award for Best Leading Actress 2019
Model of the Year 2007
Top Ten Models of the Decade 2009

Personal Life

Angela White is said to be an A.V. actress but is not married as of this moment; however, she got linked to Seth Gamble. Beyond the confines of her on-screen persona, Angela is an entrepreneur and activist with dimensions extending far beyond the boundaries of her cinematic endeavors.

Her personal life is a canvas painted with activism strokes, championing causes that resonate with her beliefs. Her ventures beyond ad*lt entertainment also reflect a shrewd business acumen, amplifying her net worth and contributing to a multifaceted legacy.

Angela White

Facts About Angela White

  • She dreamed of being in the A.V. industry for a long time.
  • White was criticized for her s*xuality, which motivated her to enter the A.V. entertainment industry.
  • She said A.V. is a celebration.
  • White insisted on using her real name in A.V. films.
  • Angela White was a college graduate.
  • She topped and graduated with honors.
  • She identifies herself as a feminist.
  • Angela ran in the A.V. Party Australian State Elections.
  • She owns a blog site.


Angela White is a successful A.V. film producer, director, and actress who has built a brand around herself that is recognized and respected in the industry and beyond. Her net worth is estimated to be around $19 million, and she has achieved this through her hard work, talent, and business acumen.

Angela White’s FAQs

  • How much is Angela White’s net worth?

Angela White’s net worth is $18 Million.

  • How tall is Angela ?

She is 5 ft 3 in tall.

  • What are Angela White’s body measurements?

Angela White’s body measurements are 42-28-36.

  • What is Angela White’s Bra size?

Angela White’s Bra size is 32G and her big boobs are natural.

  • What other ventures is Angela White involved in besides the ad*lt entertainment industry?

Angela is engaged in various ventures, including entrepreneurship, advocacy work, and philanthropy, showcasing her diverse interests beyond explicit content.

  • How did Angela start her career in the ad*lt film industry?

Angela began her ad*lt film career at a young age gradually transitioning to roles behind the camera as a producer and director.

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